Speedialab brings diagnostics to you.

By gathering diagnostic tests at home, we make sure that patients have access to healthcare.


Save lives by delivering outstanding healthcare to everyone.

One of the biggest issues in healthcare is non-adherence. Today, 40% of patients forget to show up for their visits with doctors. The healthcare ecosystem loses $150 billion a year as a result. Missing the opportunity for preventative care can result in expenditures that are harsher for people.

The process of setting up appointments turns out to be as simple as negotiating convoluted phone trees. Patients typically have to wait 29 days simply to see a doctor. Patients disrupt their lives on the day of their appointment and wait in chilly waiting areas and examination rooms while getting less than 13 minutes of attention.

The worst aspect is that the system is backwards. Without collecting and doing diagnostics initially, 70% of illnesses cannot be diagnosed.

The healthcare ecosystem must change to fit patients’ lives in order to increase patient adherence and deliver the highest quality of care. The last resort, not the first, should be forcing patients to visit medical institutions. Remote care must take precedence in healthcare. Speedialab was created for this reason.

The top company in the country for at-home diagnostic collections is Speedialab. To increase adherence, healthcare organisations send our highly qualified medical consultants to their patients. This makes it possible for the healthcare ecosystem to offer more patients higher-quality care at a lower cost.

Since our establishment in 2018, we have grown across the country and are making remote-first care a reality. Let’s transform healthcare together if you’ll join us.

Our Values

Happy team = happy patients

Imagine the potential of healthcare if it were a joyful experience. We think that starting with the happiness of our team is the best way to make patients happy.

Improve 1% every day

Testing is an integral part of who we are for us and not only vital for lab tests. Compounding growth, in our opinion, results from daily modest gains.

Unrivaled quality

What if medical care could be just as amazing as the finest five-star hotel stays? Every tiny element should, in our opinion, be above and beyond expectations.

Without you, we cannot transform healthcare.

We would love to meet you if our purpose inspires you the same way it does us.

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